Sunday, June 6, 2010

Altering Minds

I wish to allege a new concept of birth and death,
To defy the invincible truth that
We are born, and are ordained to die.

If only we could live on for ages to come
To commemorate every invention, every pristine idea,
Every novel technology, every immaculate being
With the sole intention of contributing to collectivist thinking.

What is life after death anyways?
Some say the soul lives on, so death is the highway to birth,
Others say death exterminates life.
Whom do we reckon?

Can life be redefined as a perpetual regime,
Where nobody dies, and nobody else is born,
Where we all live on incessantly
With our minds emancipated from the grisly thought of death.

No more inflation, no more corruption, no more complains, no more demands
More economic strength, more collaborative talent,
Less greed, violence and terrorism, leading to mitigated threats and exacerbated joys.
A life of constantness of number and purpose.

May seem improbable, but does sound agreeable
Difficult to digest, but hassle free to chew,
Oh Lord, can you alter this life cycle,
That shall trigger minds to revolutionalize their outlook,
To metamorphose our injured Mother Earth?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun N Learning all clubbed together! :)

Hi guys I'm back! Today is the 29th of July and the thought of leaving IBM to get back to college life has made me feel very nostalgic.If only we could work here for longer!. I am sure every fanatic must have come across the situation I am in at present, the pleasant memories of work and play, fun and learning, jokes n fights, pool and mentors( hehe)! Why does it always happen that the moment you fall in love in with something, it gets snatched away from u! Strange a fact, but unfortunately true. None of us had imagined that these fun filled days would end up sooo early getting us back to the normal lives we led in college. I remember I’v hardly met my computer buddies ever in college and so would be true with the Comp-ites with us. Yes, we are all a part of different groups at college but this experience gelled us all together, unified us all so to say. And Im sure we’d definitely miss one another alot the moment we depart from here.

We have all learnt soo much from this first hand experience at an esteemed corporate co like IBM. One of the most renowned and remarkably distinguished software companies to have had us all be a part of it for about 3 months was like a dream come true for all of us! Today we were all given a unique opportunity to present before some of the most eminent personalities here at IBM- Mr Rajesh Patil, the head of ISL here at Pune, our mentors, their managers, the VP. What more would anyone want?! The presentations were all decently put forth by one and all and were appreciated by our superiors. The learnings we received were of a much greater value. We all understood that there is still room for improvement and that we still have a long way to go…. However the road to Rome “can” be attained if we continue to work diligently and this is all that matters..

I would end this post on a very optimistic note that We shall Win!…

I have something very interesting to mention here- it might seem very spiritual but yes, you can almost apply it anywhere and everywhere in your every-day life-…

“Our senses are like fire. Our life is like fire. Whatever u put into the fire of senses, burns. If u burn a tyre, it creates pollution.. and a foul smell. But if u burn sandalwood, it creates fragrance.. Some fires pollute, and others purify..

So what are u?? Are u the fire that produces smoke and pollution or the flame of camphor that creates light and fragrance??”

……………………………. Think abt it! .. Cyu soon..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Win! :-)

One of the most prominent truths that govern my life:

'' The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has power to tell,
just when the hand will stop..
At late or early hour..

Now's the time you own. Live, love, toil with a will..
Place no faith in tomorrow-
For the clock may then be stil! "

It has been rightly said that Our minds are like muscles, stretch or shrink.. It all depends on how much or how little we exercise them!It's a fact that the more you engage your mind in some fruitful task, the better it responds, and the better it responds the more you flourish.So what exactly is a fruitful task?
It is nothing but "any" Creative work that keeps your mind occupied. The moment you lose control over your mind you are sure to have lost the divine spirit that defines U!
Optimism, mind-control, self praise, happy thoughts, a sweet smile, inspiring words and motivating actions- this should be U! I can very well say that this is nothing but the GIGO principle(Garbage in, Garbage out).
Positive in, positive out.
Happiness in, happiness out.
You are what you transform yourself into.

In your walk of life you are bound to meet people of varied personalities and interests. Some are very successful. This does not mean the rest are not.

"A king who is conquered is very likely to be scorned at..

Such is the heart of man!"

We humans have formed beliefs among ourselves that those who aren't successful are failures.Many of us consider ourselves to be failures in some or the other aspect of life. We are all born to lead successful lives, but our conditioning leads us to failure. "We are born to win.. But conditioned to lose". Every successful person does something right in each transaction while a failure is repeating the mistake over and over again.
I have something really interesting here to elaborate this fact of conditioning-
Think of the mighty elephant that can lift in excess of ton of weight with just its trunk. How does an elephant get conditioned to stay in one place, tied wit a weak rope and stake, when it could easily uproot the stake and move wherever it wants? The answer is that when the elephant was a baby , it had been tied by a strong chain to a strong tree. The baby is not used to being tied, so it keeps tugging at te chain, all but in vain! A day comes when it realises that this won't help get it freed. So it finally quits tugging and stands still. Now it is conditioned.

The day one realises one's own dreams and strives to go for them, he is definitely out of the ropes and stakes that have tied him up all along. So what are we waiting for? Our expectations create self-fulfilling prophecies. So make sure you know what you want.
Think of only the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best!

James Albery has quoted probably the most vital truth-
" He slept beneath the moon
He basked beneath the sun
He lived a life of going to do
And died with nothing done.. "

Isn't it time that we put off putting things off??!

We'r all free birds destined to WIN!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Microsoft Student Partners

Ever come across girls blabbering about technology?

Seems odd n out of place right? Not in this era though.. You might wonder what I’m hinting at here- M trying to introduce a new group of guys n gals that I’m blessed to be a part of- which is the "Microsoft Student Partners".

Technology as we all know is the spice of life. Laptop and Internet is like the bread-butter combination in this upcoming era. So what is the first thing that generally strikes us when we talk “technology”? I suppose it’s quite often Microsoft. Microsoft has devised a wonderful way of involving students to learn and share their technical know-how with one and all. MSP (Microsoft Student Program) is an educational and promotional program to sponsor undergraduate and graduate students of Computer Science stream. This program mainly aims at increasing students’ awareness about Microsoft technologies.

The MSP program is available in most countries and students from all colleges and universities are eligible to apply for the same. The selection parameters however need to be satisfied in order to be able to get this wonderfully inspiring chance of being recognized as a Microsoft Student Partner—The one representing Microsoft at the campus level, “A proud moment indeed for an MSP”, to be recognized so among an infinite number of students. Generally about 2 MSPs per college are recruited and their span of work lasts until they pass out of the college. The process of recruitment involves a series of tests and interviews conducted by representatives from Microsoft itself or Lead MSPs (as the MSP program is an academic level program).

Student partners are, however, not employed by Microsoft.
Microsoft does not offer stipends to members of Student Partners program, but various software and hardware packages are distributed for testing and promotional purposes. Student Partners are also given access to
MSDN Premium Subscriptions to support their promotional activities. The premium accounts allow access to all licensed Microsoft software for student benefit. We maintain something called as an MSDN AA (Academic Account) for students of respective institutions so that they too get an access to all licensed Microsoft Software. The account allocation and maintenance is a job of an MSP along with ensuring that students do not face any problems while downloading and using the software. Other than these benefits, at times, Student Partners are invited to technology-related conferences - We have Boot camps, pre-boot camps held at the Microsoft Office in Mumbai each year where we have one-to-one knowledge enhancing sessions from experts at Microsoft itself. So it’s like Microsoft makes software and we learn it directly from them.

We as MSPs conduct sessions throughout the year about various upcoming technologies and try to keep students of our institution well versed with all the recent advancements under Microsoft. We even call down experts from Microsoft if we are unable to deliver a session on a particular topic so as to ensure that students from the institution do not miss out on anything in terms of technological updates. We encourage student participation in various competitions organized and sponsored by Microsoft-like the Imagine Cup, etc. We conduct Academic Developer Conferences (DevCon) each year wherein we have MSPs from other colleges coming down and conducting sessions for the benefit of students all over the city. These DevCons are generally held city wise.

The satisfaction in terms of technical knowledge and the ability of being able to share it with everyone is the most mesmerizing. We as MSPs are really grateful to Microsoft for having given us an opportunity like this at such an early time in our lives! Truly, it’s our time To Shine!

The MSP program does not however end here. A well deserved MSP; on the basis of his/her work throughout the recruitment span gets a chance to become an MVP-Microsoft Most Valued Professional. This indeed can be safely assumed to be the first step to a successful life. As a whole, the program aims to increase awareness of Microsoft products, programs and initiatives. Consequently, the program helps expanding the user base of Microsoft products, and results in better availability of properly educated workforce in those technologies.
The MSP program had a start in COE,Pune with Sumedh Sakdeo and Shaizeen Aga as the first recruited MSPs. I, Piyusha Dani ,have now had this uniquely dignified position of an MSP after Sumedh’s graduation from this institution. Hope to see many more MSPs lighting up the path of technology!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Konnichiwa..Hajimemashte (Hello everyone..)
"Little drops of water and Little drops of sand

Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land..
But these precious minutes..humble though they be..

Make the mighty ages of eternity..!!"

So ,here I am, to utilize each of these precious moments of my life to etch out all my experiences so far--techi and otherwise-- pleasing myself by sharing my knowlegde supplemented by a token of appreciation to all those involved (directly and indirectly) with my life.
Inspiration as we all know is the foundation of our lives and on this base shall I build up my memoirs.